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Adult Sunday School  @ 9:30        Main service at 10:30     We break bread each week for all believers.
ur current sermon series is on the main doctrinal points of truth.  Based on a book by D.J Pentecost, THINGS WHICH BECOME SOUND DOCTRINE.  Our lives and actions follow our thoughts. The more our thinking is based on Gods word, the more joy we will have and our lives will be a sweet aroma. 


Depravity   Grace    Regeneration     Imputation    Substitution    Repentance    Redemption    Reconciliation   Propitiation   Justification   Sanctification    Security     Predestination     Resurrection 

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Garret Albers      Lewis Knudsen

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CCF is never too far away from a nice shared meal

Many of the CCF Family during a Sunday service/Picnic


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Terry Speak is one of CCF's leaders and teachers and shared a message on substitution which would benefit anyone struggling with understanding their need of a Savior. Listen HERE.
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We believe, obey and worship Jesus Christ;
teaching His Word - Sharing His love.



Missionaries Ron Roberts family blog.


Please pray for our missionaries Sammy and Kelsie. They minister to unreached people in West Africa.

In November Sammy and Kelsie will bring their baby for a CCF visit.

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