At our Friday night Thanksgiving party, I asked everyone to say one thing they're thankful for. My friend Tamara exclaimed, "Just one thing? There are so many!" No kidding...I have a lot of good things in my life, too, and I'd like to express my thankfulness in the unpoetic form of a list:

*Natalka and the Monday night Bible study girls--they are the cutest pack of 16 year olds, and they truly love the Lord. Digging into the Word with them is a joy, and their passion for telling their friends about the hope that they have is inspiring. And Natalka is a huge support and encouragement.

*the smell of coal, couches in kitchens and other things. It's funny that the things I used to find kinda strange about life here are now so dear. I'm very very glad that I get to live here.

*my teams, and what I mean is, my friends who serve with me...from the Women's Ministry team to the English Camp team, from JV to Kam, I can't believe that I even get to know these people, much less work with them and be loved by them.

*my family. In one of those strange


the more I feel at home here, the more I miss my family. I love you guys! See you in January!

*along those lines...I'm really thankful for YOU. I am so thankful for your prayers and interest in this ministry, for your gracious support and for your friendship. Thank you...thank you!

*new believers! Like Klara in Strakonice, Kaja in Cheb or Jana V. here in Cesky Tesin, it's beautiful how God brings us home to him. Here's an excerpt from one of their testimonies:

"I thanked God for everything I had. I was thanking Him for quite long time. And after that I started to take a shower. And during taking shower I was singing praises and all the song from English Camp. I just wanted to sing about Him to Him. I wanted to be with Him. I was taking the shower and I was singing all the time. And suddenly I felt enormous amount of joy!

It was so warm! It was so much that I realized that the water in my eyes was not water of the shower but it was tears. I started to cry because it was too much. I could not handle it. But the joy was everlasting. It was still so much. I just didn't know what to do. I was absolutely happy. I went out of the shower corner and looked at the mirror. The joy was so big that I started to jump. I was in the bathroom, singing "I am somebody because God loves me!" and I was jumping (almost naked) in the bathroom.

Can you imagine it? It was just so huge! I was so


On that beautiful note, I'll end...but if this seems too short, guess what? I've updated the blog. A lot.

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With a thankful heart...I love you guys!